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Salar Jang Museum – A Rich Collection of Antiques and Artefacts

There are some places that you want to visit over and over again. Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad is one such destination. I visited this museum a few months ago and here i’m again.

The museum holds the distinctions of being the largest one man collections of the world. It has a very important place in history. The museum was opened to public after the inaugural speech by PM Nehru. The museum was built by Salar Jang III who was the prime minister to Nizam of Hyderabad but later gave up his post and devoted his entire life for collection of arts, antiques and paintings.

The museum has a very large collection of paintings, holographs and books. The first section that we visited inside the museum deals with Indian Art and comprise of beautiful sculptures made of stone, historic arms and various other war attires that were meant for protection. The museum is a vast complex all collecting various historic artefacts with very historic significance and relevance.

Salar Jang Museum

Salar Jang Museum | Image Resource :

The next section of the museum deals with the artefacts from Middle Eastern region like carpets, lacquer, furniture, and holographs. Similarly there is a far eastern section which has a collection of porcelain, utensils, furniture and books.

The prominent attractions of the museum include the arms and ammunitions used by Mughal invaders like Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan and Nur Jahan. There is also a clock room where there are an amazing collection of some 300 antique clocks, including a musical clock which was made by artists from England.

The knowledge and history which is stored inside the museum is impeccable and displays the vast rich culture of Indian subcontinent. The antiques are very beautifully restored to their traditional glory. The museum is well maintained by authorities and the staffs were quite friendly. There were a large number of tourists who were visiting the museum when we went. We all had a good time in the museum and were all awestruck seeing some really beautiful timeless and priceless antiques which are housed in the museum.

The next place that we all decided to visit on our trip to Hyderabad was the Chowmahalla Palace.

Salar Jung Museum – An Incredible Collection

After relaxing ourselves in the lavish hotel room and having a wonderful lunch at the hotel restaurant, we hired a cab from the hotel, and headed towards our first destination of the Hyderabad city-Salar jung museum

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The Salar Jung Museum is situated on the south bank of the Musi River. It is touted as the largest one-man collection of antiques in the entire world. The museum is very popular in India for holding an enormous collection of antiques from a range of civilizations, some of which are belonged to as old as the first century. As per the records, the museum holds around 43,000 art objects, 47,000 printed books, and 9,000 manuscripts. With such an immense collection, the museum is an absolute paradise to the scholars and artifact specialists.

We reached the museum to come across a large number of people, who also, like us, came to witness the huge collection. We were amused to know that the magnificent compilation of the Salar Jung Museum had covered the art heritage of a number of places all through the world. That included regions of India, Middle east, Europe, Persian carpets, Chinese porcelain, exhibiting the diversity of the collection.

We also came across the region where India’s heritage was beholding the central stage, having exhibits of Aurangzeb’s sword, Jehangir and Shah Jahan’s daggers, turbans of the great Maratha Tipu Sultan, all raised our head in pride. Children were also able to recognize with these artillery, and this raised their curiosity and excitement.

There was a clock room in which was displayed a perplexing array of clock collections. It was quite noticeable to trace the development of watch from the ages old sundials to the modern 21st century watches. One other interesting collection included the Jade gallery, where items espousing the classiness of jade were located.

There was a gallery that was entirely devoted to the family of the Salar Jungs. The museum is an authentication to the devotion and efforts of one man in pursuing cultural splendor and elegance. We explored the museum until it was the closing time i.e. 5 pm.

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