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Puri Beach Offers You a Memorable Visit

Most of the tourists visit Puri to spend time at the Puri Beach, which is fondly called the Golden Beach of Bay of Bengal. The beach is perfect for swimming, as the water here is calm. There are many beach side hotels and resorts here, providing rooms at various rates. I had already booked a luxurious hotel near the beach for the stay. After reaching the hotel, the kids were excited to go to the beach. So we had our food and went straight off to the beach.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach | Image Resource :

The beach was neat and the feel of sand under the feet was a great sensation. We could see that the water was calm and I allowed my kids to play in the sea for some time. My wife, who had a fear for water, remained seated at the beach watching us in the water. After spending half an hour in the water we got out and sat down to dry ourselves. As it was the evening time, a lot of people walked around with their family and kids. Some were seen doing meditation and I saw a group of youngsters doing yoga.

Yoga At Puri Beach

Yoga At Puri Beach | Image Resource :

A lot of tourists from all over India and abroad visit the beaches of Puri to marvel at its beauty. There were also a lot of pilgrims who came to offer prayers at the famous Jagannatha Temple at Puri. The vendors roamed here and there selling tea, coffee and local snacks. The security guards on the beach watched on to see that everything is running smoothly.

The sand was so smooth and clean that I lay down enjoying the cool air from the sea and the chatter of my kids. The best part came at sunset, which was a breathtaking sight. The whole water of the sea turned crimson as the sun went down. I took a lot of photographs of the setting sun, the beach, my family and the beautiful waves of the sea. The Beach festival held at Puri Beach is very famous and thousands of people come to attend it. Once darkness fell, we went back to the hotel.

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