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How Regular Meditation Helped Me

Importance of Meditation

Importance of Meditation I Image Resource :

Sunday Morning, One of my favourite days of the week. Here, I am all by myself away from all the business integrities, family commitments, children etc. Deba’s sabbatical Morning that is what my wife, friends and family coin it. Surely yes, being a successful businessman for six years in a row is simply a tough job, ask me!

I firmly believe that at least once in seven days I should give my mind and body much deserved peace and indulge in treating my senses with age-old yet highly effective technique — Meditation.

I have been meditating for quite a long while now. If you precisely ask me, I started meditating since I was around 25 years old — this drastic change took place in me after I read a few amazing advantages of meditation. Here are some of the top benefits I have compiled to help you understand better.

First off, meditation bursts the stress bubble. By just practicing meditation for 15 – 20 minutes, I tend to forget all my problems and hassles. I enter into a world where there is no place for stress and it really does has a positive effect on my mind.

I have seen a sharp increase in my productivity and creativity with each passing day. Giving me a more positive outlook, meditation helps me shoot anxiety and depression — untangling all my worries and irritability. What’s more, my memory has amazingly improved. Now, no more forgetting of engagement anniversary or the place where I first met my wife!

Meditation has serious impacts on the body as well — and that is in a good way obviously. Being a businessman, one would find me seated in my first-class air-conditioned cabin, meeting with clients and, signing business deals etc. However, that does not worry me as a bit of physical exercise coupled with meditation helps me kick off cholesterol, control my blood pressure, and strengthen my immune system.

The major advantages I have personally derived from meditation is slowed aging, emotional stability, enhanced quality of life, improved intuition and a tendency to let go of things that were not meant to be.

I think according to me I have gained a different experience of life altogether by taking up meditation on a regular basis. Anyone and everyone can practice meditation for relaxed mind and body anywhere and anytime.

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