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Chilka Lake Puri – A Must-Visit Place in Puri

After the pleasurable stay at Bhubaneswar, I went with my family to Puri as I knew that the kids will love the beaches here. When you travel with kids, you have to consider their interests too. After visiting the Puri Jagannath Temple, we went to see the Chilka Lake Puri, which the largest brackish water lake in India.

Chilka Lake Puri

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It is a large lake of about 1100 sq km and a home to a wide variety of fish. It is a source of income to many of the fishermen living in the nearby area. The surrounding view was beautiful with the hills at the backdrop and the air fresh. We saw a lot of birds here, some migratory birds from far off and I, with a passion for nature photography, was never tired of taking pictures of the birds, the lake, the wide varieties of plants and the dolphins in the lake. The kids were very excited to see dolphins jumping in the water and the numerous birds. It is said that about 840,000 birds visit the place every year. Chital and Black Buck were seen running on the side of the lake. There were also a large number of other birds offering a treat to the eyes. The scenic beauty of the place pampered my mind.

We took a boat to visit the island and the ride was very thrilling with the dolphins found occasionally in the water. The Nalabana Island is declared a sanctuary and we saw many rare species of flora and fauna here. Another interesting sight was the sea gushing in to the lake. It was something that words cannot express. We were mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it. The lake situated far from the noise and pollution of the city was calm and pollution-free, a perfect place for yoga and meditation. The only sound that you could hear is the chirping of birds.

The beaches are also very famous, so I decided to see the beaches in Puri the next day. Puri has always impresses me with its natural resources, ancient monuments, wildlife, fun filled activities and many more!

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