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Bindu Sarovar Bhubaneswar – A Must-Visit Place in a Tour Itinerary

During our visit to Orissa this vacation, we also went to have a look at the Bindu Sarovar Bhubaneswar. Since I am very fond of nature photography, I planned to capture some photographs of the Sarovar and the surrounding area. I took my kids to various places in this calm place and showed them the beauty of India and the rich and glorious past of the nation.

Bindu Sarovar Bhubaneswar

Bindu Sarovar Bhubaneswar I Image Resource :

When we reached Bindu Sagar, it was evening, and there was a huge crowd of people there, some taking a walk along the path that surrounded the tank, while others sat talking, enjoying the cool breeze blowing from the lake. Bindu Sarovar is also called Bindu Sagar and Ocean Drop Tank. It is believed that this Lake contains water from all the holy rivers, pools and tanks in India.

There are many temples surrounding the lake like the Lingaraja Temple, Ananta Vasudeva Temple etc. The Lingaraja Temple and Vital Duel temple are located to the west of the lake, while Parasurameswar and Mukteswara Temples are found on the east. All the devotees that visit the temples here surely visit the Lake as it is considered holy. During the Ashokashtami festival in Lingaraja Temple, the main deity is taken out of the temple and dipped in Bindu Sarovar. It is said that if you keep the water from this lake at your home. It will bring good luck to you and your family.

There is a garden with medicinal plants to the west of the lake, which is very interesting and beautiful. Here there is entry fee, and once inside you will see a number of medicinal plants and other varieties. My kids loved walking around researching the plants.

The Bindu Sarovar Bhubaneswar is a beautiful lake and an ideal place for those who would like to stroll around in the morning and evening. A number of shops selling food items and other items are found near the lake. It is a vibrant place with the noises of vehicles, people and children. We had a wonderful experience in Bindu Sarovar, after returning we had a wonderful dinner enjoying the ambience of the hotel.

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