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Barabati Fort Cuttack – A Living Heritage

During our stay of 3 days in Puri, we went to Cuttack one day, after enquiring about the details at the travel desk in the hotel. They helped me with all details and even arranged a cab for our travel. We started in the morning at 8 am and it took about two hours to reach Cuttack. The name Cuttack is derived from Katak, which means fort. It is around the Barabati Fort Cuttack that the city is developed. As visiting forts and other monuments interest me, I decided to take my family to Cuttack. The language of the place, Oriya is quite easy for me to follow as I am a businessman from Kolkata, and Bengali closely resembles Oriya.

Barabati Fort Cuttack

Barabati Fort Cuttack I Image Resource :

The Barabati fort is located about 8 km from the city of Cuttack and was built in the 14th century by the Ganga rulers. The fort is a square structure and is sprawled over an area of 102 acres. It looked very impressive and grand. Although now in ruins, it showed signs of its glorious past. The fort is surrounded by a stone paved moat on all its four sides. Except the entrance, the other parts of the fort wall are no more visible. The gateway of the fort is fully decorated with beautiful carvings and is very stunning. We got inside the fort through the gateway. There were other tourists too accompanying us. A guide followed us, offering his help in going through the fort.

In the center of the fort, we could see a raised mound with a tank, and a mosque. It also contained ruins of a temple. The guide, who accompanied us, told that the temple was dedicated to Lord Jagannath, and even now there were many mutilated pieces of sculptures and moulds seen on the site.

The interior of the fort is now converted in to a stadium capable of accommodating a large number of people. Many cultural events and sports events are conducted here. The Barabati Fort Cuttack is visited by many tourists from various parts of India and abroad and it tells a lot about the glory and grandeur of India.


Photo of the week : Barabati Fort Cuttack

Barabati Fort Cuttack

Barabati Fort Cuttack I Image Resource :

Description : Due to the historical value of Barabati Fort Cuttack, it always topped my must-visit list. Technically, the Barabati Fort in Cuttack is the remnants of ancient capital of Odisha. Its main entrance is still intact and functional and is surrounded by a trench called Gada Khai. The fort is just next to the Barabati stadium and is the venue for most cultural and sports events.

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