Wish you all a very happy christmas

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas | Image Resource : wordbypicture.com

It is said that Christmas is in the heart and not under the tree. This saying holds very true because one has to be able to enjoy and appreciate the festival from the heart and the external pleasures like gifts and Christmas trees aid to the internal happiness. May your Christmas be wonderful both internally and externally!


Explore the History of Goa at the Goa State Museum

The Se cathedral, the Shanta Durga temple, the Mangesh temple, the dudhsagar falls and all other sites that I had visited till date in Goa were all exquisite and one of a kind. Hereafter I wished to take a peep back I time in the history of Goa.

Which other place but the Goa state museum could have served the purpose? Hence we headed to the Goa State Museum which is located in the capital city of Goa i.e. Panaji. The museum lies at the EDC complex in Patto, Panaji and is easily accessible from all parts of the city via public commutes.

Goa State Museum

Goa State Museum | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The museum is open for public from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Visitors from all parts of the world as well as researchers and historians visit this museum in large volumes every year. The collection in the museum is not very extensive but is surely diverse enough to cover all the aspects of the rich history of Goa.

Sculpture at the entrance of the Museum

Sculpture at the entrance of the Museum | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The varied collection of entities stored in the state museum of Goa also include some of the ancient bronze sculptures, sculptures related to Jainism and Hinduism, coins and furniture from the Portuguese era. A pair of peculiar ancient lottery machines housed in the museum draw attention of tourists the most. Moreover there is also a contentedly carved chariot kept on display in the museum which is truly unique and precious owing to its style and historic relevance.

The furniture section of the museum is the most interesting. It stores some of the furniture from the time of Portuguese rule in Goa. The most distinctive of all in this segment is an extravagantly carved table with high backed chairs. The legs of this table portray lions carved on them which are a symbol of supremacy of the Portuguese. There is also an eagle carved on one of its side. The other side comprises of four human figures carved on it.

Sculpture Gallery

Sculpture Gallery | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Christian art galleries

Christian Art Galleries | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Even the sculpture gallery, the western bronzes gallery, the contemporary gallery and the Christian art galleries of this eminent museum are equally interesting and knowledgeable to take a tour around.

Photo Of The Week : The Crown Hotel Goa


The Crown Hotel Goa | Image Resource : asmwcoe.org

The Crown Hotel Goa : Goa is a go to place when I think of a vacation destination and finding a good hotel is really difficult. When a friend suggested the The Crown Hotel in Goa, I was skeptical, but on reaching there I was excited that it was so close to the Panjim beach. The services included a free breakfast and also tour guide.

Se Cathedral – The Largest Church in the Continent

Goa is full of beautiful temples, churches and historic monuments. The basilica Bom Jesus that I visited earlier was one of the best structures I had visited till date. Even the Shanta Durga temple holds a charm owing to its unique ancient architecture and the legends associated with it. Goa in itself is a place of calmness and spirituality. So the next destination that I planned to visit was the Se Cathedral in Goa. It is renowned as the largest church in Asia and hence is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral Goa | Image Resource : picturejockey.com

The giant bells and the exotic architectural style that this church depicts do not fail to attract tourists and historians as well as architects from all nooks and corners of the globe. The classical Iberian style of façade is another distinguishing feature of the Se cathedral. The church is reminiscent of the Portuguese influence in India when they put in immense toil and imagination to construct this mega structure. The talented engineers Julio Simao and Ambrosio Argueiro are known as the creaters of this majestic church.

The sky – high ceilings and beautiful decors on the interiors of the Se Cathedral are a treat to watch. This cathedral is a revered religious site for the entire Christian community. It comprises of the main alter which is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. The wood statues of the St. Peter and St. Paul also stand inside the Se cathedral. The construction of this cathedral begins long back in the year 1562 and was finally completed in around a century.

Interior of Se Cathedral

Interior of Se Cathedral Goa | Image Resource : cajie.blogspot.com

The grandest church in Goa displays Corinthian style of adornment on the interior portion. The Se cathedral is 250 feet long and 181 feet wide in dimension. Its exteriors display Tuscan fringes giving it a very lavish and exquisite look. The ambience inside the church is very calm and quiet. You can feel the silence and the positive aura in the premise.

The golden bell is the main attraction of the Se cathedral. It is a huge bell and is renowned for its rich tone. This giant structure is the largest bell in the entire state.

Travel quote of the day – Mark Twain

Travel quote

Travel quote | Image Resource : roughguides.com

Mark Twain has always been a literary character I have admired the most. I truly believe in this quote, as with travel one can have a very broad view of the world. It is always better to be like a swift, clear flowing stream, picking up experience and good thoughts from all over the world meeting people, than sitting cloistered, unmoving.

Flavorsome refreshment of the day : Goan Feni

Goan Feni

Goan Feni | Image Resource : khurki.net

Goan Feni : I firmly believe that while in Goa, do as the Goan’s do. I am talking about the Goan spirit the famous drink Feni. Really I ditched the beer and went for Feni during my stay in Goa. This drink made out of cashews tastes like heaven. Its greatest plus point is it’s organic. This time I tried it with fried fish as a starter.

Tempting dish of the day : Goan Crab Xec Xec

Goan Crab Xec Xec

Goan Crab Xec Xec | Image Resource : boldsky.com

Goan Crab Xec Xec : This is one Goan recipe which is after my heart. The crabs are something which has always delighted my family and me. The other day being in Goa I remember going to this beach shack and ordering this fabulous crab dish. The succulent crab meat along with coconut and spices was simply like digging into the most delicious dish.

O Hotel Goa – Reside At the Pristine Candolim Beach

One of the most important tasks to be dealt with while planning a trip to any location is booking an appropriate accommodation in the city. I like to plan my trips in advance to avoid the last minute haste and chaos of rushing from one hotel to other to find a decent accommodation. You can easily book popular hotels in Goa online from the comfort of your home or office.

O Hotel Goa

O Hotel Goa | Image Resource : ohotelsindia.com

I searched for all the available alternatives for accommodation in Goa and finally selected a beautiful resort i.e. the O Hotel Goa for my stay in the city. The check – in timings for the resort is 2 pm and you need to check out the next day 12:00 pm. The resort comprises of 75 rooms to cater to the accommodation needs of tourists from all parts of India as well as abroad. The hotel is renowned for its culture of hospitality.

Luxurious spa in the hotel premises

Luxurious spa in the hotel premises | Image Resource : ohotelsindia.com

The extremely courteous staff and modern facilities offered by the hotel attract tourists from all parts of India. There is also a luxurious spa in the hotel premises. The in – house restaurant and beach in the hotel compound offers an exotic ambience to guests. The traditional local Goan cuisine served at the hotel restaurant is lip – smacking.

The beautiful and elegant rooms are tastefully designed to offer a very lavish and comfortable experience to the guests. The resort also organizes various recreational activities for clients such as sight – seeing, camping etc. Located on the Candolim beach in North Goa the O Hotel is also preferred by nature lovers owing to its serene location. The major tourist attractions such as casino Royale, Naman, Reis Magos Fort and Splashdown Waterpark lie in close proximity to the hotel.

The Candolim beach in North Goa

The Candolim beach in North Goa | Image Resource : ohotelsindia.com

Gym Facilities in Hotel

Gym Facilities in Hotel | Image Resource : ohotelsindia.com

All the modern amenities such as gym, free wi – fi, laundry service, air conditioned and spacious rooms, room service, banquet facilities and meeting facilities etc. are also offered by this eminent hotel in Goa.   Hence the O Hotel is a preferred choice for both business as well as leisure travellers. Water sports such as snorkelling, skiing, boat bonanza etc. are also organized by the hotel.

Photo Of The Week : Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Goa Chitra Museum : This place left me understanding the lifestyle of Goa a lot better! The entry fee is rupees 200 per head but it surely worth it because the artefacts, art and other exciting pieces will leave you in awe. You can take your car here as well because there is plenty of parking.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali

Happy Diwali

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Hello, I being in business means that Diwali is generally a very hectic time full of celebrations, and of course gifting. This time not only am I sending gifts and cards, in in addition to all this I am sending the most beautiful messages to all my family, friends and colleagues lovely sms’s via social network media.

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