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Come And Party To Your Heart’s Content – Best Things To Do In Goa!

I am Debanjan Basu, and  I run a business. The hectic  schedules of my work, makes it necessary for me to relax at regular intervals and let loose. This is the reason I travel and over time it has developed into a passion. Recently I visited Goa and well, I had one of the best days of my life. I hope to share a few things, along this blog post.

The western, coastal region of Goa, has a rather lucky disposition. The sandy beaches, the resorts, the  carnival like atmosphere, etc. has made this place a special city in the world map. The things to do in Goa list is enormous, but I would like to mention a few important ones.

Experience The Waters, With A Journey On A Cruise – Things To Do In Goa

backwaters in Goa

Backwaters in Goa | Image Resource :

The backwaters in Goa are admired with both excitement and enthusiasm. Not only for its scenic beauty, but also for the existing animal life  in these waters. A trip across the backwaters are offered, and one could spot the crocodiles and migrating birds, along the journey. The trip costs close to five grands, but it is totally worth the expense.

offbeat portrait by Sunny ParianiOffbeat Portrait by Sunny Pariani

A few other important things to do in Goa includes binging on the local cuisine and getting yourself an offbeat portrait by Sunny Pariani at Calangute in Goa. The thought of a candid picture, adorning the walls is a beautiful thought, and now it could turn into a reality. However the cost hovers around Rs 12,000.

Dance Workshops at GoaDance Workshops at Goa | Image Resource :

The dance workshops in this resort city are something to look out for. Workshops in Zumba, Merengue, Jazz, Hipp Hop and a few other dance forms are conducted  at regular intervals by famous artists.

Indulge In Adventure Sports Such As Parasailing – Best Things To Do In Goa

parasailing in goa

Adventure Sports parasailing in goa | Image Resource :

Now that you’ve successfully filled your things to do in Goa list, it is time to get the backpack ready and set the wheels rolling. Do not forget to carry a pair of shades, binoculars  and a  camera. Have fun!

The King Of Water Sports In The Land Of Beaches: Parasailing In Goa!

Hey folks, this is Debanjan Basu. I am a businessman by occupation and have a lovely family. Any trip planned with my family is always special and to see the happy smiles of kids and wife would make any man feel blessed and satisfied. I am no different and the Goa trip was one such where we not only got to spend some quality time together, but also managed to experience an adventure beyond comprehension.


Scenic View of Parasailing in Goa | Image Resource :

Goa is a vacation paradise, with numerous beaches and resorts serving fancy food and liquors. But one thing that stands apart is the number of activities that people can engage in throughout their stay.

Parasailing In Goa Is Performed Under Expert Supervision

There were various activities that we engaged ourselves in. A few of them were: Nature trails, Heritage hunt, Shopping, Trying out Goan Delicacies, and numerous water sports.


Breakthrough View of Parasailer At Goa Beach | Image Resource :

The most enriching experience was Parasailing in Goa. It is an activity where a person sails on a specially designed canopy wing, while a speed boat tows this setup. It is very similar to Parasailing, only that in this activity, the person glides over the sea and the view makes for a surreal experience.

In Recent Times, Parasailing In Goa Is Most Sought After Water Sport Adventure

The adventure was enthralling as well as safe, much safer than other water sports where one needs to undertake training and lots of precautionary measures. It costs anywhere around 1000-2000 Indian Rupees and the flight duration is close to fifteen minutes. On a personal note, I assure you that it would seem much longer than that, when you’re in the sky, gliding like a bird.

Calangute is one of the most popular spots for Parasailing in Goa. The best seasons for undertaking this adventure are in the months of October and April. Should the weather conditions permit, this experience could live up to the standards of any adrenaline junkie.

Overall, the experience was fascinating and the fact that my family returned back with a handful of memories to cherish was the icing on the cake! Hopefully I will return back to Goa, in the future and create some more unforgetable moments!

Explore the History of Goa at the Goa State Museum

The Se cathedral, the Shanta Durga temple, the Mangesh temple, the dudhsagar falls and all other sites that I had visited till date in Goa were all exquisite and one of a kind. Hereafter I wished to take a peep back I time in the history of Goa.

Which other place but the Goa state museum could have served the purpose? Hence we headed to the Goa State Museum which is located in the capital city of Goa i.e. Panaji. The museum lies at the EDC complex in Patto, Panaji and is easily accessible from all parts of the city via public commutes.

Goa State Museum

Goa State Museum | Image Resource :

The museum is open for public from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Visitors from all parts of the world as well as researchers and historians visit this museum in large volumes every year. The collection in the museum is not very extensive but is surely diverse enough to cover all the aspects of the rich history of Goa.

Sculpture at the entrance of the Museum

Sculpture at the entrance of the Museum | Image Resource :

The varied collection of entities stored in the state museum of Goa also include some of the ancient bronze sculptures, sculptures related to Jainism and Hinduism, coins and furniture from the Portuguese era. A pair of peculiar ancient lottery machines housed in the museum draw attention of tourists the most. Moreover there is also a contentedly carved chariot kept on display in the museum which is truly unique and precious owing to its style and historic relevance.

The furniture section of the museum is the most interesting. It stores some of the furniture from the time of Portuguese rule in Goa. The most distinctive of all in this segment is an extravagantly carved table with high backed chairs. The legs of this table portray lions carved on them which are a symbol of supremacy of the Portuguese. There is also an eagle carved on one of its side. The other side comprises of four human figures carved on it.

Sculpture Gallery

Sculpture Gallery | Image Resource :

Christian art galleries

Christian Art Galleries | Image Resource :

Even the sculpture gallery, the western bronzes gallery, the contemporary gallery and the Christian art galleries of this eminent museum are equally interesting and knowledgeable to take a tour around.

Se Cathedral – The Largest Church in the Continent

Goa is full of beautiful temples, churches and historic monuments. The basilica Bom Jesus that I visited earlier was one of the best structures I had visited till date. Even the Shanta Durga temple holds a charm owing to its unique ancient architecture and the legends associated with it. Goa in itself is a place of calmness and spirituality. So the next destination that I planned to visit was the Se Cathedral in Goa. It is renowned as the largest church in Asia and hence is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral Goa | Image Resource :

The giant bells and the exotic architectural style that this church depicts do not fail to attract tourists and historians as well as architects from all nooks and corners of the globe. The classical Iberian style of façade is another distinguishing feature of the Se cathedral. The church is reminiscent of the Portuguese influence in India when they put in immense toil and imagination to construct this mega structure. The talented engineers Julio Simao and Ambrosio Argueiro are known as the creaters of this majestic church.

The sky – high ceilings and beautiful decors on the interiors of the Se Cathedral are a treat to watch. This cathedral is a revered religious site for the entire Christian community. It comprises of the main alter which is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. The wood statues of the St. Peter and St. Paul also stand inside the Se cathedral. The construction of this cathedral begins long back in the year 1562 and was finally completed in around a century.

Interior of Se Cathedral

Interior of Se Cathedral Goa | Image Resource :

The grandest church in Goa displays Corinthian style of adornment on the interior portion. The Se cathedral is 250 feet long and 181 feet wide in dimension. Its exteriors display Tuscan fringes giving it a very lavish and exquisite look. The ambience inside the church is very calm and quiet. You can feel the silence and the positive aura in the premise.

The golden bell is the main attraction of the Se cathedral. It is a huge bell and is renowned for its rich tone. This giant structure is the largest bell in the entire state.

Photo Of The Week : Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum | Image Resource :

Goa Chitra Museum : This place left me understanding the lifestyle of Goa a lot better! The entry fee is rupees 200 per head but it surely worth it because the artefacts, art and other exciting pieces will leave you in awe. You can take your car here as well because there is plenty of parking.

Photo Of The Week : Laxmi Narasimha Temple Goa

Laxmi Narasimha Temple Goa

Laxmi Narasimha Temple Goa | Image Resource :

Laxmi Narasimha Temple Goa : There aren’t many temples in Goa as it is a more Christian based region due to the Portuguese rule. This place is the perfect spot for someone looking to meditate and find peace of mind. There is a 24 hour natural spring here that is a must see! There aren’t any eating places nearby so make sure you go prepared!

Basilica of Bom Jesus: The Roman Catholic Late – Renaissance Structure

The ShriMangesh temple is a marvellous piece of architecture and the calm and spiritual environment of the place is really reviving. We had a very soulful and divine experience at this ancient temple of lord Shiva. The next destination that we visited while in Goa is also a place of sanctity. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the most famous basilicas located in Goa. It is known for its unique architecture that dates back to the year 1950.

Entrance to the Church

Entrance to the Church | Image Resource :

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most distinctive monument in the sense that it has a very unique architectural style and stores the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The basilica is one of the most revered holy places among the Roman Catholic community around the entire world. The body of this holy saint is preserved in a glass coffin that is stored in the mausoleum of this church.

The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier

The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier | Image Resource :

The construction of sacred place is believed to have started in the year 1594 and it was completed after toil of 11 long years in the year 1605. This elaborate monument holding the architectural elegance of the late – renaissance period is cherished by Goa as one of the most visited tourist attractions. The frontal portico of this monument holds a blend of elements from the Corinthian, Doric and Ionic designs.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus | Image Resource :

What makes the church peculiar is that it is the only church in the entire state which is not coated with plaster on the exteriors.An enthusiastic Portuguese preservationiststripped off the plaster from its outer walls in the year 1950 so as to expose the laterite stone out of which the structure is actually made up of to the environment so as to make the church more resistant to climate.

The church is over whelmed with visitors on the 3rd or December every year when the Feast of St.  Francis Xavier is organized here. The gallery of modern art housed in the church is also one of its kinds. The collectibles of contemporary art kept on display in the gallery are really exquisite and awe – inspiring.   We took a tour of the entire structure and then headed back to our hotel to get fresh to visit the next destination on our itinerary list.

A Visit to the Holy Shri Mangesh Temple of Lord Shiva in Goa

We had an awesome time at the Dudhsagar waterfall. The sound of the gushing water still echoes in my ears and I feel so thrilled remembering he cheerful and lively time that we spent there. Hereafter we planned to visit a famous religious site of Goa i.e. the Shri Mangesh temple. It is a renowned holy destination for followers of lord Shiva, the destroyer. Tourists from all parts of the country visit this famous hotspot to pay tribute to the presiding deity.

The temple is located at the apex of a small hill and the lush emerald surroundings that envelope this pristine place of worship add to its charm and popularity among onlookers and tourists. The distinctive white towers constructed at the entrance of the Mangesh temple give it a very majestic feel. The temple is one of the richest and most visited temples in Goa.

The distinctive white towers constructed at the entrance of the Mangesh temple

The distinctive white towers constructed at the entrance of the Mangesh Temple | Image Resource :

Located at a distance of 22 kilometres from the capital city Panaji and 26 kilometres from Margao the temple is easily commutable via public transport. The temple architecture is exquisite and is a treat to art and history lovers. There is a prominent sculpture of a bull i.e. Nandi which is supposed to be the Vahana or carrier of Lord Shiva according to Hindu mythology.

There is a sprawling courtyard in the premises which is surrounded by a number of buildings which comprise of the main temples and rooms for accommodating pilgrims as well as for organizing weddings.

Shri Mangesh Temple

Shri Mangesh Temple Goa | Image Resource :

The magnificent tank that lies in the temple premises is the most significant and oldest part of this monument. The chandeliers dating back to the 19th century still adorn the temple interiors. Moreover the walls are engraved with figures of lord Shiva in various poses and forms. The SabhaGriha is the meditation hall where devotees of Shiva assemble twice a day to attain solace and blessings of the presiding deity.

The temple depicts the traditional Goan Hindu style of architecture. The view from the top of the hill where this glorious temple is located is enchanting. The view of the sprawling farmlands and gentle breeze that pampers devotees and visitors allure more of tourists to his prominent site.

Photo Of The Week : Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Anjuna Beach Goa : This was one of the most crowded beaches in Goa. People of all parts of the world are seen sun bathing or just hanging out on the beach. The wonderful cafes and restaurants serve food at very inexpensive rates. The beach could be a little better maintained and clean but it sure was fun playing beach volleyball here!

Dudhsagar Falls- The Thrill of Picnicking Amidst the Gushing Waters

The Shanta Druga temple in Goa is one of the most peaceful and spiritual holy shrines i had ever visited. We all felt spiritually uplifted and rejuvenated at the temple. Carrying that entire positive aura along with us we headed towards the next destination that we were about to visit. I love spending time in the arms of nature. It offers me refuge from my hectic schedule and spares time to spend with my loved family.

The Dudhsagar falls is a prominent place of tourist interest in Goa. Nature lovers from all parts of the country visit this place of immense scenic beauty to seek refuge from their hectic urban life. The sound of the gushing water falling from such prodigious heights on the foot of the hills offers a perfect setting for nature enthusiasts. Both my kids were enthralled to visit this beautiful scene.

Dudhsagar falls is during monsoons

Dudhsagar falls is during monsoons | Image Resource :

The best time to visit the Dudhsagar falls is during monsoons when the waterfall is in its full might. This splendid waterfall lies in the Sanguem taluka in Goa. The slight of so much volume of water pouring down with its full fury from a height of approximately 600 metres is spectacular and spine chilling. The pristine environs comprising of tropical vegetation that enfold the waterfalls add to its charm and beauty.

The foam that is formed at the toe of the waterfall appears like milk; hence the name suggests Dudhsagar i.e. ‘sea of milk’. Thousands of picnickers and foreigners as well flock towards this majestic waterfall every year to drown themselves in the beauty of this breath taking scene.

The Dudhsagar falls via rail route that connects Vasco to Margao

The Dudhsagar falls via rail route that connects Vasco to Margao | Image Resource :

There are also a number of private companies that offer special trips to the Dudhsagar waterfall. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation also works for the maintenance of this natural heritage of the state. The site is easily accessible via public transport. You can also reach the Dudhsagar falls via rail route that connects Vasco to Margao. My kids especially had a day full of fun and frolic taking dips in the pools that lie in the vicinity of the waterfall. The pools are safe to swim in bt it is advisable not to go too close to the foot of the waterfall.

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