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Travel Thought of the Week – charles Horton Cooley

Travel Thought - charles Horton Cooley

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The author has beautifully quoted and yes sometimes our heart wishes to escape from the dull monotonous lifestyle and our working environment and travel to beautiful places! Its like an escape from reality and this is often needed to revitalize us and give us the energy boost to continue our work!


Travel thought of the day – George A. Moore

Travel Thought

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As a business man I travel round the country on various accounts. As much as I love the feeling that travelling to new places gives, I always look back to returning home because home is the place which is the closest to us. I feel that I have literally lived this quote.

Motivational Thought Of The Week : Confucius

Motivational Thought By Confucius

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Description : So I make it a point on going on some adventure trips with my lovely family at least once a year. So there are moments when I can’t keep up with the zeal of my kids, but Hell am not giving up! Am going to make it there slowly but am going there!

Motivational Thought Of The Day – Luc de Clapiers

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Description : It is completely true, often people say that advice that comes from the heart is the most effective one. People don’t think much and give their opinion. Such thoughts are pointless and don’t make sense. So it is important to be honest with the people you love and respect.

Inspirational Quote Of The Day : James Joyce

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Description : This quote is by James Joyce “The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts”. It is one of my favourite quotes of all time. It is totally true, actions speak louder than words. Sometimes people can’t express how they feel but their body language often show their mood and personality.

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