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Food of the Week : Fish Recheado Dish Goa

Fish Recheado Dish Goa

Fish Recheado Dish Goa | Image Resource :

Fish Recheado Dish Goa : This grinded chilly dressing is just what you want as you sip a cold soda basking in the white sand beach. The Kashmiri tartness, tamarind sourness and the Indian spiced up paste is grinded well and spread above sliced mackerels. They marinated fishes are fried and served with onion rings and salad tossings!


Famous dish of Goan : Sorpotel

Sorpotel Goan Dish

Sorpotel Goan Dish | Image Resource :

Sorpotel Goan Dish : Sorpotel is traditionally a Portuguese dish made using pork liver. However the Goan version of it is different from the original and has local twists. The Goan version contains plenty of chillies, garlic vinegar and Jaggery. It is spiced up to be eaten with rice or Rotis and has many Portuguese elements to it.

Flavorsome refreshment of the day : Goan Feni

Goan Feni

Goan Feni | Image Resource :

Goan Feni : I firmly believe that while in Goa, do as the Goan’s do. I am talking about the Goan spirit the famous drink Feni. Really I ditched the beer and went for Feni during my stay in Goa. This drink made out of cashews tastes like heaven. Its greatest plus point is it’s organic. This time I tried it with fried fish as a starter.

Tempting dish of the day : Goan Crab Xec Xec

Goan Crab Xec Xec

Goan Crab Xec Xec | Image Resource :

Goan Crab Xec Xec : This is one Goan recipe which is after my heart. The crabs are something which has always delighted my family and me. The other day being in Goa I remember going to this beach shack and ordering this fabulous crab dish. The succulent crab meat along with coconut and spices was simply like digging into the most delicious dish.

Delicious dish of the day : Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa | Image Resource :

Sohan Halwa : The Sohan Halwa which first originated in Persia travelled with the Invaders to the Indian cities. Here it was much loved and the natives learned the art of making it too. I got an opportunity to taste the Halwa in Lucknow when I visited there on business and loved the authentic taste it had.

Delicious dish of the day : Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem | Image Resource :

Hyderabadi Haleem : Even though the word fitness and exercise is my key mantra, I would never say NO to try any popular delicacies. That’s why the prime motive of my recent visit to Hyderabad included tasting the Hyderabadi Haleem! The aroma of the roasted cashews floating on the Haleem still makes my mouth water and butterflies fly in my stomach!

Luscious Dish Of The Day : Seviyan Ka Meetha Hyderabad

Seviyan Ka Meetha Hyderabad

Seviyan Ka Meetha Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Description : I had heard Hyderabad is the perfect place for foodies and this was enough to make me raring to go! I have a sweet tooth and the minute the plateful of seviyan ka meetha was placed before was a riot! Yes it was a truly delicious dish and truly made your mouth water as the saffron color added to it and the nuts fried in ghee was also simply a virtual treat! cannot stop eating once you take the first spoonful!

Experiencing the Tantalizing Chicken Dum Biryani at Hyderabad

It was post lunch time when we left the Zoological park, and we were extremely hungry. Though, we did hog on some snacks at the cafeteria present in the vicinity of the zoo, we were craving for a delicious Hyderabadi meal.

So it was now time to try out some local and authentic taste of Hyderabadi cuisine. We told our driver to take us to some renowned hotel that serves quality food and he rightly took us there.

Chicken Dum Biryani at Hyderabad

Chicken Dum Biryani at Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Giving into our cravings, we walked into the restaurant and were instantly welcomed by the aromatic goodness of rice and cooked meat. We occupied our table, and soon were welcomed by a staff person to serve us. We quickly ordered our food, not forgetting the famous chicken dum Biryani of Hyderabad.

The very famous ‘biryani’ was introduced from the royal kitchen of the Nizams, who were the rulers of Hyderabad, until India got Independence in 1947,and ruled for about two centuries. It is said that Nizams’ kitchen used to prepare and serve more than fifty varieties of biryanis. ‘Biryani’ is an amalgamation of Mughal and Telugu cuisine. Dum biryani is cooked by kaccha method in which, raw meat is cooked along with rice, over steam. This makes all the variety of flavors-that of meat and exotic spices to inculcate into the rice that provides the biryani its perfect flavor and aroma.

Our food was quickly spread in front of us, and we hogged on it, literally. Of all the dishes, we ravished the spicy chicken dum biryani. The spicy flavor of rice with chicken pieces was an awesome dish we had so far. Though we did try the dish at other places too, but the authenticity of Hyderabad was overpowering them all.

My wife had never tasted chicken biryani before, and this was the first time she tasted this dish. And she was so pleased with this mouth watering cuisine that we couldn’t resist on placing one more order of it.

With the awesome taste of the famous chicken dum biryani still lingering in our mouth, we moved out of the restaurant, making sure to visit there again before we leave Hyderabad.

Mouthwatering and Delicious Foods of Guwahati

The beauty of Assam has always attracted me towards itself. Being a food lover and ardent lover the beauty of nature, I admire different cuisines of different states. Therefore as this time I was in Guwahati, Assam I decided to spare a day to gorge into the special cuisines of the state.

The food culture of every Indian state is different. May be that is the reason why everyone say that India is a diverse country with rich specifications. Guwahati is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and it has been getting a decent rise in the field of technology and industries. However the authentic food of the city and the state of Assam has not changed till. The roots of the culture of a city are found somewhere hidden the quality and kind of cuisines they eat.

The food of the city is characterized with the typical flavor of herbs and spices which are indigenous to its location. The staple food of Guwahati is khar-rice. As most of the other parts of the country the staple food of this north Indian state is also same. Fish is also eaten here which dragged me towards itself, as being a true and traditional Bengali by nature and heart, I always loved fishes.

The regional cuisine of the state is made with bhuna masala which means all the spices being mixed together and fried till it gets a golden brown color. The first dish that kick starts main course meals is akhar, and then finally ends up with the tenga which is a sour dish. I was lucky enough that I could locate a restaurant which served me the traditional food of the city. They usually serve their foods in a bell metal utensil.

The dishes of North India are majorly inspired by the Chinese, Mongolian and Burmese cuisines. Pitha is one of the favorable dishes of Guwahati which is more similar to that of dosa, popular in South India. As the cooking style of Assam involves less oil and less spice, the food is quite healthy and delicious to savor. I also tried lots of other dishes in the street side stalls. As I had the entire vacation with me, I h ad decided to try out several dishes during the coming days of my stay.

Enjoy Delicious Local Foods at Ranchi Hotels- For a ten-on-ten Holiday Experience

The three most important things in my life are my family, my zest for adventure and food. I am always attracted towards the different food styles of different states. As a result of which I always try to enjoy most of the eatables of a particular place where I am traveling. Being a true Bengali by heart, I like fishes and sweets. As this time I was in Jharkhand and that too with my wife and children, I wanted to make them feel the authentic taste of Jharkhand through its foods. Each state in India is known for its food styles and Jharkhand is also not behind. During our stay in Ranchi, we were served some of the yummiest foods of the state enriched with their culture and cooking style.

The different hotels in Ranchi are Executive Inn Lalpur, hotel Golden Tulip, Bliss regency, Blue Shivalik, Accord, Arya, Capitol Hill, and hotel Chinar etc. These are the names of few of the top notch hotels of Ranchi. These hotels serve foods elegantly blended with the style of Jharkhand and international food styles, like Italian, Spanish, North American, Chinese etc. I was staying in hotel Blu Radisson in Ranchi and was already overwhelmed with the service and food the hotel provided. But during our outing, we chose to have our lunch in other restaurants and hotels of the city.

A perfect blend of rich foods of the state was being served to us every time we had our meal. My children were enthralled and the food was really awesome. Hotels apart, we also tried to gorge on some street foods which actually represent the food style of a place. Unless you have tried the local food in the roadside food stalls, you can never be sure enough regarding the taste of the place. Rice, roti, sabzi are the few foods one can have during the lunch time while in Ranchi. One can also go for the various Chinese and Italian preparations in the small sized cafes all across the roads. I was very happy to try out he Litti Chokha and Pav Bhaji at Ranchi, as basically it is a typical Bihari food but we could find it in Ranchi as well.

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