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India celebrating Republic Day


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Republic Day is something which brings me much nostalgia because I have so many memories of the day from school. The various events like patriotic songs and dances and the much awaited distribution of sweets really made our day back then. Our enthusiasm for the day still remains in our hearts.


Wish you all a very Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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What an awesome end to the year 2015! I managed to explore various destinations along with my family. Now with the start of a new year, I already have my bucket list prepared in my mind. Surely, each one of you have certain goals and plans to achieve in this new year. I wish a very happy new year and pray that all of you get to see success.

Wish you all a very happy christmas

Happy Christmas

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It is said that Christmas is in the heart and not under the tree. This saying holds very true because one has to be able to enjoy and appreciate the festival from the heart and the external pleasures like gifts and Christmas trees aid to the internal happiness. May your Christmas be wonderful both internally and externally!

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