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Air Travel from Kolkata to Hyderabad

Hello everyone. It’s been a really long time since I went for a vacation with my family somewhere. Last month I decided to take some time off from schedule and devote it only to spend it with my kids and family. We decided to go on a holiday somewhere in India. There were many options before us on where to go but we all finally came to a consensus to visit Hyderabad. Hyderabad had always been on our wish list for many years. This was the most appropriate time to fulfil this wish and travel the amazing city of Hyderabad.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport Kolkata

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport Kolkata | Image Resource :

I had book tickets for business class on Air India for this purpose for all of us. The flight was to depart from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport Kolkata (CCU). The flight was a direct one to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD). The tickets were easily booked by me using the flight booking app on my mobile. It gave great offers and other promotional discounts. Air India airlines is the most preferred airlines by me for the domestic travel. They have a good connectivity to all the major cities of the country and regular flights too.

Air India

Air India | Image Resource :

The in flight entertainment of Air India was quite up to the mark and we had a lot of options to choose from. The movies in demand on our personal screens and also loaded with many Bollywood and Bangla songs. The flight attendants were very helpful and they gave us our complimentary refreshment drinks and our in flight meals. Meanwhile on flight we decided about the places that we were going to visit in Hyderabad. There was a lot of excitement in all of us for the trip.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport | Image Resource :

The flight landed on Hyderabad on time and we collected our baggage. We saw a taxi already waiting to receive us at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad. The hotel staff had already sent a taxi to receive us all. The Taj Falaknuma Palace was booked by me for this purpose of stay at Hyderabad. After collecting our baggage we were ready to go to our hotel and start with our travelling adventures in the Hyderabad city.

Air Travel from Kolkata to Nagpur by Indigo Airlines – Make A Way For Easy Voyage

In spite of my busy work schedule, I make it a point to travel and have some adventure from time to time. There is no fun in just living a monotonous life with only work and no tours. I take some slight breaks and detours from the work life to have some memorable time. However,looking at every detail is not the way I plan a trip, I believe that planning should be limited to flights and hotels. The air travel from Kolkata to Nagpur by Indigo Airlines was the starting point of my excursion.

Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines | Image Resource :

Allotting days for places ruins the adventure and thrill in the journey. Instead, picking up bags and roaming in a new city for the adventure is the way I make my trips. After checking all the places in Kolkata, it was time for Nagpur. I favoured air travel, as it is more comfortable and quick than railways and road travels.

I preferred Indigo to other flights because of its on-time flights and trouble free experience. I reached the airport by four. The flight was scheduled for departure at 6:15 pm. With the amazing services of Indigo flights, the air travel was a delight. As soon as I stepped in the plane, the crew welcomed with a smile on their face. It took some time for the plane to get off it wheels but as soon as it started, I was excited just by thinking of the new land I am going to visit. The city of oranges was calling me. During the flight trip, all I could think about was what I am going to do after I reach there. With only two hours of flight, there was not much to decide. I reached there by eight in the night.

After the air travel from Kolkata to Nagpur by Indigo Airlines, I reached my hotel. Radisson Blu hotel was my lodging place. I was shown my room with my luggage and the hotel staff guided me for places to go. I took some rest to boost myself up for the next day journey and take a sight of the land.

The Enchanting Air travel by Indigo airlines which I enjoyed the Most

This time, we planned to visit the beautiful place of Hyderabad – the city of smiles and thousand lights. I booked complete hyderabad package to start my journey. Our air travel from Kolkata to Hyderabad was scheduled to take off from Kolkata Airport at around 6:55 am and we were to reach Hyderabad at 9:30 am. That was a short and comfortable trip. We started packing our bags. I made sure to keep my camera with me as I am a fond of photography. My wife had additional responsibility to take care of kid’s packing as well, and I must say, nobody can beat her in that task (not even me). She took all the medicines and other necessities and we were all set to have a blast. We reached at the airport on time, and after all the formalities…occupied our accommodations in the plane that was in the business class.

Indigo airlines

Indigo airlines | Image Resource :

Vacations are a great time to come closer to the family and have pleasurable and rejuvenating time with them. Being a businessman, I don’t get enough time that I could devote to my family. I sometimes feel that I am lacking the golden opportunity of cherishing those small but precious moments with my family that one remembers all through their life. I miss my children’s day –to-day events and school programs when I am gone out for business purpose. But then, this business and work is also important. It may sound a familiar story to many of us. I try to fulfill these lacunae by spending a nice family trip with my wife and children that make our bond stronger and get to know each other more closely. The trip is also educational to the children, it is learning with experience. I’ve gone to such trips a number of times and have always found them ravishing.

The Indigo airlines landed on the grounds of Hyderabad airport. Hyderabad is delectably called as the Pearl City. This city is blessed with numerous tourists’ attractions that includes resorts and gardens, Heritage monuments, lakes, parks, museums and of course, the endearing cuisines. Hyderabad offers a magnificent panorama of the past that is rightly mixed with its rich cultural and historic tradition of 400 colorful years.

Travel from Kolkata to Raipur by Air India Airlines – The Journey Experience

Making out time from the busy schedule is sometimes difficult for me. But still I manage to make some time for my family and plan for a family trip every year. This year it was decided to make a visit to Chhattisgarh. Neither I nor any member from my family had visited Chhattisgarh before. So it was more like an adventure trip for all of us. We packed our bags and started for the trip to Chhattisgarh. I booked tickets in the Air India Airlines in the business class section. When it comes to travelling, I never compromise on comfort and class. I wanted to make sure that we land at our destination safely and completely refreshed.

Air India Airlines

Air India Airlines | Image Resource :

The services of Air India are up to the mark and it provides all sorts of luxury services to its passengers. With its extensive network coverage, the flights touch almost every part of the country providing convenience of travel to each and every passenger. Currently, Air India has a fleet of 68 new Boeing aircraft, out of which 50 are used for the Air India and the remaining 18 are kept for its subsidiary airlines. One of its premium subsidiary airlines launched in India is Air India Express. We traveled from Kolkata to Raipur airport and there were direct flights available to this route.

Air India provides its passengers a hassle-free and convenient journey by providing all sorts of facilities within the aircraft. Started in the year 1932, it is the leading air carrier of India. The airline offers seats in the First class, Business class and Economy class services. Covering about 44 destinations all over the world, Air India is still one of the major air carriers in India in spite of the emergence of number of other airlines. One can choose any one of them according to his/her budget and requirement. Air India provides in-flight meals with yummy delicacies to satiate your taste buds. While booking tickets, I made sure to make reservation with food so that we did not feel the shortage of food while on board.

We checked in online before three hours of the journey and our trip on the Air India Airlines flight was quite exciting and memorable.

Air Travel from Kolkata to Guwahati by SpiceJet Airlines

Making a little time out from the packed and busy schedules is always a retreat. Days were getting gloomy and monotonous with the continuous work flow and business meeting. Traveling existed but that special time with family always pinched me. Therefore I planned up for a trip to Assam with my wife and two children. As the summers were setting in, I wanted to make a comfortable journey plan to Guwahati. I made four tickets in the business class flight of the SpiceJet Airlines. SpiceJet is known for its affordable cost of travel and its high frequency of connecting flights to the major parts of the country.

SpiceJet Airlines

Spicejet Airlines | Image Resource :

The chief consideration of Spice Jet Airlines is safety, comfort and economy of travel fares. The excellent hospitality shown by the gratifying staff ensures all the facilities and services one would need for a comfortable journey. SpiceJet is known for their luxury services. As we were traveling in the business class flight, we were offered with all sorts of luxuries and frills within the flight and throughout the journey. Meal and drinks were provided all through the journey.

Apart from all these, the staff of airlines is much warming and hospitable. You would never feel a lack of communication while you are in the flight. SpiceJet ensures a captivating journey that takes care of all the features and facilities one would require for a lavish and fulfilling journey.

The cabins were all well maintained with the provision of welcome drinks, beverages, juices and wines. We were also provided with soft blankets for covering. Each seat had the provision of audio-visual units at the back with ear pieces equipped to each one of it. The audio visual units were preloaded with entertainment capsules. Starting from latest movies to route maps, world news, songs, videos and games for children, shows etc. were all loaded into it.

My journey in SpiceJet Airlines was not new, however; as I was traveling with my family, I deliberately chose the business class as it provides all the facilities and never lacks at anything. The entire journey was quite pleasing and we reached at Guwahati Airport in time.

Travel from Kolkata to Ranchi by Jet Konnect Airlines – My Experience

The traveling bug in me always makes me to visit new places and explore more of the nature along with my family. Being in a tight and busy schedule, I do not get much of the opportunity to go on vacations with family. Although I have visited the entire of West Bengal and majority of the Indian states, I planned a trip to Jharkhand or more precisely to Ranchi with my wife and two kids. While traveling, I always look for comfort level and therefore, I always book my tickets in the business class flights. So this time as I was traveling to Ranchi from Kolkata, I booked my tickets with Jet Konnect Airlines in the business class for all four of us.

Jet Konnect Airlines

Jet Konnect Airlines | Image Resource :

The erstwhile JetLite is now taken over by Jet Konnect and the airline started its operations with effect from the year 2012. However, the Jet Airlines had brought in Jet Lite much ago in the year 2007. The Jet Airlines is known for the convenience of services, hospitable staff, on-board and airport facilities and on-time arrival and departure features. The multitude of options provided by the airline is many and they are known for providing hassle-free travel experience to the passengers.

Basically there are two types of classes in the Jet Konnect Airlines, the one being Economy class and the other Premiere class. The Economy class of Jet Konnect is a no-frill flight, which does not serve any extra facility and the passenger may buy the food items from the Jet Café while traveling. However, the Premiere class is accompanied with lip-smacking food on the board, entertainment facilities, large leg spread area, comfortable seats, etc. I booked my tickets long ago through the internet from the official website of the airway. Tickets can also be booked through the travel web portals. When you go for booking tickets online, careful research can result into getting tickets at much lesser price. However, I was not into much of these cost-effective solutions as safety and comfort is my first and foremost priority. We arrived at the Ranchi airport during the day time itself and we all were fully refreshed even after the journey.

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