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Come And Party To Your Heart’s Content – Best Things To Do In Goa!

I am Debanjan Basu, and  I run a business. The hectic  schedules of my work, makes it necessary for me to relax at regular intervals and let loose. This is the reason I travel and over time it has developed into a passion. Recently I visited Goa and well, I had one of the best days of my life. I hope to share a few things, along this blog post.

The western, coastal region of Goa, has a rather lucky disposition. The sandy beaches, the resorts, the  carnival like atmosphere, etc. has made this place a special city in the world map. The things to do in Goa list is enormous, but I would like to mention a few important ones.

Experience The Waters, With A Journey On A Cruise – Things To Do In Goa

backwaters in Goa

Backwaters in Goa | Image Resource :

The backwaters in Goa are admired with both excitement and enthusiasm. Not only for its scenic beauty, but also for the existing animal life  in these waters. A trip across the backwaters are offered, and one could spot the crocodiles and migrating birds, along the journey. The trip costs close to five grands, but it is totally worth the expense.

offbeat portrait by Sunny ParianiOffbeat Portrait by Sunny Pariani

A few other important things to do in Goa includes binging on the local cuisine and getting yourself an offbeat portrait by Sunny Pariani at Calangute in Goa. The thought of a candid picture, adorning the walls is a beautiful thought, and now it could turn into a reality. However the cost hovers around Rs 12,000.

Dance Workshops at GoaDance Workshops at Goa | Image Resource :

The dance workshops in this resort city are something to look out for. Workshops in Zumba, Merengue, Jazz, Hipp Hop and a few other dance forms are conducted  at regular intervals by famous artists.

Indulge In Adventure Sports Such As Parasailing – Best Things To Do In Goa

parasailing in goa

Adventure Sports parasailing in goa | Image Resource :

Now that you’ve successfully filled your things to do in Goa list, it is time to get the backpack ready and set the wheels rolling. Do not forget to carry a pair of shades, binoculars  and a  camera. Have fun!

Travel Thought of the Week – charles Horton Cooley

Travel Thought - charles Horton Cooley

Image Courtesy :

The author has beautifully quoted and yes sometimes our heart wishes to escape from the dull monotonous lifestyle and our working environment and travel to beautiful places! Its like an escape from reality and this is often needed to revitalize us and give us the energy boost to continue our work!

Food of the Week : Fish Recheado Dish Goa

Fish Recheado Dish Goa

Fish Recheado Dish Goa | Image Resource :

Fish Recheado Dish Goa : This grinded chilly dressing is just what you want as you sip a cold soda basking in the white sand beach. The Kashmiri tartness, tamarind sourness and the Indian spiced up paste is grinded well and spread above sliced mackerels. They marinated fishes are fried and served with onion rings and salad tossings!

Photo Of The Week : Alila Diwa Goa

alila-diwa-goaAlila Diwa Goa | Image Resource :

Alila Diwa Goa : Enjoying the salty sea breeze and the lush paddy fields are like two sides of the coin. Not everyone gets to enjoy both of these scenic attires while basking on the beach. Alila Diwa at Goa had the pleasure of inviting you to both these enticing experiences along with sophisticated décor, ‘feel at home’ ambience and fantastic amenities for a fun- filled satisfying check- out.

India celebrating Republic Day


Happy Republic Day | Image Resource :

Republic Day is something which brings me much nostalgia because I have so many memories of the day from school. The various events like patriotic songs and dances and the much awaited distribution of sweets really made our day back then. Our enthusiasm for the day still remains in our hearts.

Hotels In Goa: For Days Filled With Fun And Laughter!

Hey folks, this is Debanjan Basu signing back in for yet another blog from me. Thank you for reading my blogs and giving me the inspiration to keep writing. Today I am here to share something about Goa.

Goa is the best place in the world as it is well known for its susegad pace of life, exotic fish curries, pristine beaches, legendary festivals, phenomenal architecture, dazzling parties, razzmatazz nightlife, nature and tourist friendly surroundings and versatile activities. Which ardent traveller wouldn’t wish to check this place?

Well, I was no different! I decided to check out some good hotels in Goa. The myriad of choices was, however, confounding for me. I finally came up with three choices. I would like to share some of the noteworthy features of all three hotels in Goa before I tell you my final choice!


Panoramic View of Hotel Granpa’s Inn

The first one was Granpa’s Inn. It is a family run hotel and is known for its cordial ambience and home-like settings. It offers the following exclusive features:

  • The accommodation at the inn includes standard rooms, ancestral suites and poolside suites.
  • The inn offers basic facilities like room service, front desk, travel desk, internet access, doctor-on-call and round the clock security.

Hotel Mapusa Residency in Goa

The second hotel was Mapusa Residency which has great outdoors to make the lodgers enjoy the ambience of this holiday town. It offers the following features:

  • The accommodation options include Double Room, AC Room, AC Deluxe and Suite Rooms.
  • The residency offers facilities like a banquet hall, internet access, laundry, travel desk and sightseeing services.

Beautiful VIew of Hotel Calangute Residency | Image Resource:

The last hotel was Calangute Residency which shares a prime location near Calangute Beach and also shares easy access to the neighboring locales. It offers the following exclusive features:

  • It offers 30 well designed rooms characterized as Deluxe Room and AC Room. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, AC, room service, electric kettle and private bathrooms.
  • The residency offers facilities like a restaurant for the epicureans, swimming pool, travel desk, round-the-clock front desk, car hire, etc. for individuals & families.

Needless to say that the features & facilities offered by Calangute Residency were fulfilling my requirements and I made my final decision to stay in this hotel.

Famous dish of Goan : Sorpotel

Sorpotel Goan Dish

Sorpotel Goan Dish | Image Resource :

Sorpotel Goan Dish : Sorpotel is traditionally a Portuguese dish made using pork liver. However the Goan version of it is different from the original and has local twists. The Goan version contains plenty of chillies, garlic vinegar and Jaggery. It is spiced up to be eaten with rice or Rotis and has many Portuguese elements to it.

Travel thought of the day – Herman Melville

Travel thought of the Day

Travel Thought | Image Resource :

Herman Melville has made many beautiful quotes about travelling and this is one of the best. It is true that we cannot capture the essence of a place in map. We can only lay down a few important things but never completely understand nature through a map only.

The King Of Water Sports In The Land Of Beaches: Parasailing In Goa!

Hey folks, this is Debanjan Basu. I am a businessman by occupation and have a lovely family. Any trip planned with my family is always special and to see the happy smiles of kids and wife would make any man feel blessed and satisfied. I am no different and the Goa trip was one such where we not only got to spend some quality time together, but also managed to experience an adventure beyond comprehension.


Scenic View of Parasailing in Goa | Image Resource :

Goa is a vacation paradise, with numerous beaches and resorts serving fancy food and liquors. But one thing that stands apart is the number of activities that people can engage in throughout their stay.

Parasailing In Goa Is Performed Under Expert Supervision

There were various activities that we engaged ourselves in. A few of them were: Nature trails, Heritage hunt, Shopping, Trying out Goan Delicacies, and numerous water sports.


Breakthrough View of Parasailer At Goa Beach | Image Resource :

The most enriching experience was Parasailing in Goa. It is an activity where a person sails on a specially designed canopy wing, while a speed boat tows this setup. It is very similar to Parasailing, only that in this activity, the person glides over the sea and the view makes for a surreal experience.

In Recent Times, Parasailing In Goa Is Most Sought After Water Sport Adventure

The adventure was enthralling as well as safe, much safer than other water sports where one needs to undertake training and lots of precautionary measures. It costs anywhere around 1000-2000 Indian Rupees and the flight duration is close to fifteen minutes. On a personal note, I assure you that it would seem much longer than that, when you’re in the sky, gliding like a bird.

Calangute is one of the most popular spots for Parasailing in Goa. The best seasons for undertaking this adventure are in the months of October and April. Should the weather conditions permit, this experience could live up to the standards of any adrenaline junkie.

Overall, the experience was fascinating and the fact that my family returned back with a handful of memories to cherish was the icing on the cake! Hopefully I will return back to Goa, in the future and create some more unforgetable moments!

Wish you all a very Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year | Image Resource :

What an awesome end to the year 2015! I managed to explore various destinations along with my family. Now with the start of a new year, I already have my bucket list prepared in my mind. Surely, each one of you have certain goals and plans to achieve in this new year. I wish a very happy new year and pray that all of you get to see success.

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