Nubra Valley Ladakh- Enjoy In the Lap of Snow Clad Mountains

The scintillating view of lush green valley with the massive snow clad mountains in the background made us skip a beat. But we had some more destinations to over that day. The next in our list was the Nubra Valley located on the north eastern side of Ladakh valley. Thanks to the information provided by the local scholars, we came to know that the actual name of the valley was Ldumra or Valley of Flowers. It was formed by the meeting point of the Shyok and Siachan rivers and separates the Ladakh Range from the Karakoram Ranges.

Nubra Valley Ladakh

Nubra Valley Ladakh | Image Resource :

We had to travel from Leh Twon over Khardung Le Pass to reach the Nubra Valley. The road that we covered is believed to be the highest motorable path across the globe. There were some historically significant routes between Nubra and Baltistan and Yarkand but they have been closed since 1950. However, before doing that, we had to visit the DC office in Leh town and obtain an Inner Line Permit. The valley was located at a height of around 10,000 ft. above the sea.

Bactrian camels at Nubra Valley

Bactrian camels at Nubra Valley | Image Resource :

We could hardly find any kind of plants and trees in this area as it is nothing more than a cold desert located at a high altitude and hardly gets any precipitation. However, the villages are extremely fertile and are engaged in growing peas, barley, fruits, nuts, mustard and wheat through irrigation. The locals were all Buddhists and extremely peace loving. We learnt that we were very close to the Line of Control, which is the border between India and Pakistan. We could spot the Siachen Glacier on the northern side while the Sasser Pass and Karakoram Pass on the western part.

There were many villages on the banks of Siachan River such as Turtuk, Panamik, Sumur, Tirith, Kyagar, etc. We could also find a monastery named as Samstanling located between Sumur and Kyagar. We came to know that there were hardly any educational institutions in this region. Due to this, many people have to migrate to different parts of India. However, some government and non government organizations have been trying to solve this problem and I hope they achieve success as soon as possible.

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