Tadoba National Park Nagpur – Glimpse of True Nature

Located in Chandanpur District, it is in the eastern part of Maharashtra. The Andhary Wildlife Sanctuary had been incorporated with Tadoba National Park in order to make a better wildlife organization. The landscape was beautiful with sights of hills, lakes and valleys. The Tadoba National Park Nagpur is manifested with substantial forests intermingled with paddocks and scrub forests. In the dry months, water bodies are the main source of water. With the motor-able roads, I was able to see the exceptional wildlife viewing. The length stretches enough to provide a leisure walk and hiking facility.

An enormous amount of plants and animals are also found in the park. With axle wood, babul and teak woods in the forest it creates a magnetic impression for wood cutters. Nagpur government takes important care of the forest so no illegal poaching of animals or illegal cutting of trees take place. For a good view of the forest, there were also watchtowers.

Tiger in Tadoba National Park

Tiger in Tadoba National Park | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Other rare species in the forest were stick insects and jewel beetles. With arid type of weather is an adequate range of rainfall received by the forest. As a lover of nature, I had greatest moment there. I also spotted leopards, spotted deer also known as chital and jungle cats. At the evening time the weather complements the forest.

However, there is also a tiger reserve in the Tadoba National Park Nagpur. With over fifty tigers in the reserve, forest management has to take special care of the reserve so that the tigers can stay untouched from the poachers and also they can breed and increase the numbers of the reducing tribe.

Wide variety of flora and fauna is the reason that tourists are attracted from all around the world. With the glimpse of the untouched nature, I truly enjoyed myself there. While my ride back to my hotel I saw some views of nature that are seen either in books or in movies. The memories of the national park will always cherished by me. With the end of one destination there is a beginning of another and that other for me was Raman Science Center.

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