Tips for providing proper yoga assistance

I have been doing yoga for the past 15 years. Even though most my days are packed with my business and personal commitments, I do make it a point to find time for yoga. I always recommend my friends and family to participate in Yoga and have assisted lot of people with their health and yoga query. Over the past have seen that people have been doing Yoga the wrong way. This is mainly because they were following the incorrect advice or interpreting the instructions given in various books on yoga.

Through this post I intent to share some of my knowledge and tips that are known to be 100% effective while you are teaching someone yoga.


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While assisting someone with his or her yoga posture or technique make sure to keep in mind the student’s safety and comfort in mind. The aim behind assisting someone for yoga should not be to correct them but to make the postures comfortable as well as enjoyable for them. To be honest, assisting someone in yoga is a fun and indulging experience.

Before starting your yoga session, you make sure that the person trained is well relaxed. Having a stressful or distracted mind through yoga can make your session ineffective.

You cannot teach anyone yoga with sports coach attitude, irrespective of how knowledgeable you are.

While judging a person’s posture always start from the feet. Feet are the foundation of any yoga posture. Check whether the base of that person is solid and alignment of their feet.

Use your own body while portraying your position. Always make sure that the torso and the leg are properly supported before graduating to the upper body. Adjust your body from the core and then focus on the periphery.

If a particular yoga posture in difficult to understand or practice, make them simpler for your student. Once they are comfortable with the form of the posture move to next level and make it a bit more challenging, continue it until you get the right posture from your student.

Try to improvise according the person’s body type, if any posture is very complex. Still due to some physical limitation certain position are unachievable for certain individuals. Always remember that if a student cannot align himself then make sure you do not go deeper into the pose.

These are some of the tips that according me are very beneficial while teaching someone yoga. Hope that you liked my advice and I will be more than happy to read your thoughts on the topic.

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