Value on Yoga in One’s Life

A friend of mine asked me once “Can yoga actually change your life?” My answer to this question is definitely a “Yes.” Even if most of the people find it to be funny or boring, the fact remains that it is scientifically proven the best way of staying away from major illness or disorder. It can be consider as treatment with no side effects.


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Yoga is one of the ancient forms of relaxing techniques that is achieved by controlling your thoughts and breathing along with various exercises. It helps in rejuvenating your thoughts and emotions. Practicing yoga has made me a more joyful person.

Therefore, Yoga can help you lead a happier life. Following are some of the benefits of practicing Yoga regularly.

Change your body

Yes, yoga can changes your body. Regular practise of yoga makes your muscles leaner and longer as well as help you maintain a healthy weight. It also helps in balancing your body with your diet and digestive system.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathing is the effective part of yoga. Proper breathing can balance the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This help improving the blood flow within the body.

The Best Stress Buster

It is noted that people who practice yoga regularly can handle stress in a better way and easily cope it.

Look Good

Men and women both want to look young. As mentioned earlier yoga can improve your blood flow. An improved blood circulation can help you clear all the toxins from the body. Such a change offers a new glow to your skin and make you look younger.

Go Slow Steady

Yoga is not about adrenaline or pumping up your muscles. It is about calming yourself and finding peace within your body. Yoga teaches you to be in the moment, forget about the past, and concentrate on your surroundings. All these partition has a positive effect on your personality.

Open your heart to Love

Yoga is all about love and peace. It takes away the stress and improves your blood flow. This may you a better person emotionally. Practising yoga has made me an open hearted and more concentrated person.


Yoga taught me that happiness comes from within and only you can make your life joyful. Since, a cheerful person can light up any moment.

I recommend that you should try out Yoga. It will definitely help you achieve satisfaction and be optimistic about life.

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Hey this is Debanjan Basu. My friends call me “Debhu”. I'm a 45 year old businessman from Kolkata. Married and have two lovely Kids. I know that i am getting old but i believe that as I'm growing older, i am get more and more adventurous. I love Going to trips especially family vacations. Despite of my busy schedule, I always make it a point that i spend time with my wife and kids. I have been to almost every places around West Bengal as well as other states. With this blog of mine, I'm determined to help those married men like me who love hanging out with their family by sharing my travel experience.

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